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Woven Label & Printed Label

Whatever your quantity is or any design requirement; be it for the masses or for your bespoke order, we will try to cater to your requirement. We understand, because we’ve been doing this since 1983.

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What is woven label?


Unlike inks, we weave deniers of yarns to create and match to the closest available commercial colors. 


Black & white. Most woven labels are monochromatic. They play with foreground & background, reversal colors. 


Their design is simple & effective. They don’t pack many information in that small & limited area. 


We do get challenging design to produce. This is where our experience & expertise tackle the most challenging task.  

” Weaving has been an art for thousands of year. Exquisite and expensive yarns were used to create intricate design through skilled labors. Today, our Swiss-engineered weaving machines from Mueller has helped us to achieve greater intricacies of design and patterns through cutting-edge technology and software. We know, because we’ve been manufacturing labels since 1993.”

What is printed label?


As the name suggest, we print using durable, wash-proof ink to print onto satin or polyester based ribbon.


Satin-based label is more suitable for undergarments or care labels.  They are softer to delicate skins.


Polyester-based label is more suitable for external wear. They are manufactured for the product BRAND to be externally displayed.


Many of us ignore the care instruction printed or woven onto every labels. Ignore them no more, there lies the key to your favorite apparels to last longer and better.

Special Cut | Final Presentation 

elOur label comes in roll-form or individually cut. Our precision sonic cut for individual woven and printed label is available at your request. We also provide wing-fold on both ends of woven labels manufactured through us.

We also provide laser-cut for odd-size lable. Primary for branding purposes, we cater to their need of having odd-size manufacturing of woven label and precisely shaped or cut to their creative liking. This service is suitable for manufacturing of brand badges such as schools, instituitions, government services and sports.

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Whether you’re a boutique fashion company or wholesaler, we can cater to your quantity of label that you require. Drop us a note or two and let us help to furnish your requirement.


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