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Welcome. There are many questions to ask regarding our products and services. Questions regarding delivery & production time. Woven labels or Printed labels. Please look at some of the common questions that we’ve compiled to help you remotely. If not, please drop us an email below.

About Labelindo's labels
Labelindo LLP has been producing quality labels for over 15 years. We are based in Indonesia and we served customers asiawide. We love to partner with you to create quality and premium brand to reinforce your fashion, apparel or retail labels. We provide mainly Broadloom Woven label and Print label. All available in the substrates (or labels) of Polyester, Tafeta & Satin based.
What is the difference between Woven Label and Print Label?
Woven label is produced by several yarns interweaved with one another to create fabric-like label used mainly as Brand or instructional. They are yarn based and NOT ink based.

Printed label is Ink-based. They are popular with ribbon printing. They can be produced in 1-3 colours or 4-colour printing for complex design like the offset printing method.

Woven labels can be found at the base of any collars or the side of any apparel. Whereas Print labels can be used as collar-based label but the satin or the soft ribbon are mainly used in undergarments apparels for softness to the skins.

Where do I start?
Start with a design, a brand logo or name. And measure the Length & Breadth of the label.

Use any design software to design your logo and, preferably using minimal colour for your brand. As more colour uses more yarns and more yarns will be more expensive to make

How do I save my artwork for production?
After you have the design of your brand or logo, save them in the format below and send them to us :

1. PDF
2. AI (Adobe Illustrator)
3. PNG or JPG
4. PSD

How does the pricing works?
Dimension: The bigger the surface area, the more yarn used and the higher the cost will be.

Colour: The minimum colour used in woven label is 2. One of the coloured yarn will serve as background. And the rest of the colour is above it.

Quantity: Minimum quantity for Boutique customer is 9 dozens (dz) or 108 pieces.
For Wholesaler or retailer, the minimum quantity is 1000dz (12000 pieces)

The surface Area (sq cm) X No. of Colour used X Quantity = Price

Your production is in Indonesia, do you charge delivery?
Yes we do charge delivery, upon the confirmation of your order.
Do I get to see the sample before I confirm my order?
Yes, we will produce a physical label, woven or printed label to be sent to you for approval.

We also provide photo from our sampling department of your labels as digital proofing for your sample.

If I need my labels fast, how do I get quick approval?
We provide photo from our sampling department of your labels as digital proofing for your sample. Upon seeing the photography image of your sample, you can approve the sample by replying to us. And we will go straight into production.
How many days for sampling and production?
Upon receiving your artwork, it will take 7-working days (not included Public or National Holidays).

After approval of the samples, it will take another 7-working days to deliver.

Do you charge for delivery?
Yes we do. And the price range between SGD $5-$12 per delivery depending on the urgency.
How many times can I do sampling?
The first 3 sampling process per design is free. The subsequent process will carry a cost of SGD$3 per design.

We advise our customers to provide professional artwork to avoid misinterpretation across the platform.

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